It's a tribute to fanzines from the Eighties, an era where punk bands
would create special magazines for their fans and pass them around
freely to whomever loved creativity. 

It's completely ad-free and self financed. 

Every issue pays homage to a certain theme and will be launched
with a special pop up somewhere in the world. 

Every issue comes with a collection of items especially created for
that issue. This can be clothing, accessories, shoes or even art. 

Every issue is limited and so are all the products.
Once sold out, we won't be restocking. 

Every issue is created with outmost care, working together with
upcoming talented photographers, stylists, illustrators and
designers. Alter is not a magazine. It's simply an ode to creativity. It's
all about playing around with multiple personalities.

We're all human and we can never just be 'one person'.
That's where Alter comes in. Embrace your Alter Ego and don't be
afraid to play. Life is short.

Alter by Anna Nooshin is a publication set up by Anna Nooshin and Romy Bresseleers.  

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